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HoneyBee Hydrosol

Improve your honeybees' health and vitality with our synergistic blend of
organic herbal hydrosl.

By giving your bees 2 - 3
HoneyBee Hydrosol offerings in late winter or early spring,

you are aiding and strengthening your bees' intestinal, metabolic, and
immune functions.

HoneyBee Hydrosol to sugar water to help with the strain of converting mineralized sugar into honey; which is actually an exhausting, nutritionally depleting and depriving activity for our honeybees.

Healthy and good tasting for beekeepers, too!

$15.95 for a one year supply for 1 hive


   Without sugar water:

   Add 1 tablespoon to 2 1/2 quarts of water sweetened to taste with honey and serve to your bees.  

  With sugar water:

Add 1 tablespoon to 2 quarts of sugar water and serve.

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-protozoan.  It is THE natural, non-chemical treatment for Dysentery, Nosema, Amoeba, and Septicemia!

Directions for use:  along with good beekeeping practices, simply add 1 ounce to every gallon of fresh water.

Beekeepers:  Colloidal Silver is effective against infections, colds, influenza and fermentation.  (See Silver link)

  (all packaged in glass bottles for highest quality)

4 ounces   $15.00

8 ounces   $25.00

16 ounces $40.00 

Beehive paint:    "Temporarily Out of Stock "

Our all-purpose exterior satin is a durable weather-resistant paint containing no formaldehyde, ammonia, crystalline silica, ethylene glycol or other highly toxic ingredients found in most paints.  Our paint does not contain any mildewcide or fungicides and is recommended for chemically sensitive humans.

One gallon covers approximately 350sf and can be brushed or sprayed on.


BeeHive White Paint
$43.00.. .gallon

$190.00.......... 5 gallons

People's Hive

Frames w/o foundation
$1.00. .unassembled

$1.25......... assembled


Relieve the pain of bee stings and bug bites with our Sting - Ease in a convenient balm tube.    .

Sting Ease $6.00................... 5 oz. balm tube

   To Order Call: 515-269-9278 or e-mail wweeds@ hotmail.com

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